Fri 3rd to Sun 5th Feb: Regional Championships Information

Here is some advice and information about the Regional Championships event

Dear Athletes, Parents and Carers!

Wishing the best of luck to all our athletes competing in the Met North Regional Championships over these next few days. It's an exciting event for all involved, so bring your cheering voices. This year we're proud to announce that the City North Team is being led by,

Team Managers
Andrew Iselin and Mitchell Heskett

Coaching Support
Hamish Dixon

Team Captains
Matt Mitchell and Amber Nyssen

Event Officials
David Nyssen and Linda Cartwright are assisting with the Result entry, and Mel Fletcher and Tanya Wong will be marshalling all Track athletes in the Call room.

Discus Officials
Many thanks to the Volunteers who have already signed up to help with the Discus events, especially our Chief Officials Catherine Malone, Kam Aldridge and Cameron van Balen.
We have not yet however filled all the required Discus roles. If your child is competing in Discus your assistance is required. Assisting at the Discus, provides both the closest view of the event and is a great and fun way to be involved. For the Discus assistant roles, no prior experience is required.

Sign up to the volunteer roster is available online at Parents who do not sign up on the online roster will be allocated to an event time slot.

We will be setting up two 6m x 3m City North tents for our athletes and two 3m x 3m tents at the Discus. We are hoping to have these setup between 7:00am and 7:30am, so any assistance will be appreciated. Many thanks again to Michael Kennedy for offering to transport all the tents, etc. from City North to the fields at Murrumba Downs.

General Advice

1. Correct Uniform must be worn including all age patches, jetstar badges and your registration number. If you are wearing skins or compression garments they must be worn inside out with no visible brand names.
2. We recommend buying a program on the day, this includes guidelines for athletes and parents and a timetable.
3. All athletes must be ready 1/2 an hour before event scheduled times. Events can be brought forward so for later events up to an 1 hour before the event is recommended.
4. All concerns and queries on the day must be directed to our clubs Team Managers, not officials. No parents are to enter the arena unless they are helping at an event.
5. All athletes competing must register with the team manager when they arrive on the day, so we know you are there.

We still need volunteers to help out. Please see Team Managers.

Location of the event is:
John Oxley Reserve Ogg Rd, Murimba Downs (Click for Map) 
(3/4 hr from Albion Park, allow enough time to get there and to park)

LAQ Info for the event can be found here :

It is forecast to be quite hot, make sure you have sun protection and water including a drink bottle.