Read our FAQs to find the answer to many frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that isn't listed, do not hesitate to contact us and one of our volunteers will aim to assist you with your enquiry.

It is raining, is the event still on ?

When there are uncertain weather conditions a final decision about any cancellation is usually made about 2 hours prior to the event start time and will be published on this web site.

During the season if you have a registered email address and there is certainty that the event will be cancelled you will also be emailed about this.  Please always rely upon the web site and TeamApp (if you are enrolled) as being the best source of information about cancellation, this will posted on the home page.

If we feel there is no chance we will run any competition day, information about this will be published on this web site as soon as possible after the decision has been made.

The decision to cancel an event is made using several factors including :

Usually if the ground is not too wet and there is only the threat of showers we will still run events at Windsor Park. 

You can also use the the TeamApp City North has to receive the latest news on your smartphone. Click here for more information

What age can my child join Little Athletics?

Athletes ages must be in the range of 5 (U6) to 16 (U17) years at 1st of January of the registering year. 

U16 and U17 athletes do not compete beyond Zone level and participate in Little Athletics as a recreational and social activity.

The age group for 2020/21 of your child is determined using the PDF file that can be found here

What are the Arena & Setup and Pull-Down Volunteer Bonds and how do I receive a refund?

The Arena and Set-up and Pull-Down Volunteer Bonds are used as an incentive for parents/guardians to actively assist the Club. A refund is provided to those families who help out a certain number of times during the season (or in most cases the Bond/s are rolled over and it appears as a discount in the following season's enrolment). 

The Arena Volunteer Bond is $50 and is refundable when parents/guardians assist the club for 8 or more times during the season's Saturday competitions.  The Field setup and pull-down Bond is $30 and is refundable if you assist with 3 or more times during the season. You must sign the applicable Volunteer Roster, as these are the only records we have that indicate you have helped.

Refunds are made at the beginning of the following season (usually August or early September) as the information about who is entitled to a refund is calculated at this time. If you are not planning to come back and have actively helped the Club we are happy to arrange for a refund of your Bond/s.

Families who have an active member on our Committee are not required to pay either Bond and are not required to fill out either weekly Volunteer Roster.

It is very important that you sign the applicable Vounteer Roster to be entitled to receive the Bond/s refund, otherwise we will have no proof you have helped. 

If you have any questions, please email or discuss this with our committee members.

What can I do to help?

There are many roles available to choose from. Some are committee roles which involve attending some meetings and may require additional time outside of the Saturday Competition.

Other roles are just required on Competition Day. Please refer to the City North Little Athletics Club Handbook.

What does it cost to join City North Little Athletics?

For a detailed explanation of the fee structure, please click here.

Also click here for information on Parent Help.

What events will my child be competing in?

It depends on the age group, however events available at City North include sprints, middle distance, hurdles, racewalking, shotput, discus, javelin, long jump, triple jump and high jump. Full details of the events for each age group can be found here.

Click here to goto our Event Programs page

When are your competition days?

We have our competitions on Saturday afternoons starting at 2:45pm throughout our season.

When is Training?

Training is on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the season from 5.45pm to 6:45pm. There is a break mid season for the December/January School Holidays (check our calendar for start and finish dates).