Uniform is not compulsory for Saturday Club competition, however any athletes competing in Little Athletics Association events (i.e. those held outside Windsor Park clubs grounds), must be in full City North Club uniform or they will be disqualified.

When you register, you will receive a registration patch and an age group patch.  The registration patch is to be attached to the front of the polo shirt, so that it is clearly visible when the shirt is tucked in.  The age group patch is to be attached to the left sleeve and sewn on three sides to form a "U" shaped pocket.  This pocket serves to hold the athlete's event tickets for the day.

Should you require a uniform item in time for an Association event, please inquire a few weeks in advance to ensure the particular size item is available.

Uniform prices are as follows :

$40 for Polo Shirts

$30 for Girls Bike Pants and Boys Shorts

$15 for Caps and Hats

Anyone wishing to sell second hand running shoes or spikes, may discuss this with our uniform officer (Danielle).  The Club accepts no responsibility for the sale of any second hand items.