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 During our athletics season we have our normal competitions on Saturday's at Windsor Park, Windsor.
We start at 2:45pm and finish at about 5pm.
Our final compeition day for the 2020/21 season is Saturday 13th of March 2021, we have our trophy and presentation night on Tuesday 23rd of March 2021.
We also have training seasons on Tuesday's and Thursday's starting at 5:45pm and finishing at 6:45am.
Our final training for State qualifiers will be on Thursday 18th of March.


Our club operates under the Little Athletics Queensland approved Covid-19 safe plan.  All parents and athletes are required to register when they come to the venue for competition or training by scanning and providing details via a QR-Code using your smart device or mobile phone.
You can also register each time using the sign on form that is available near the club house.
It is important that you read and understand your obiligations by viewing our Covid 19 information page
If you or your child feels at all unwell, please do not come. Let's stay safe.
Training is held at Windsor Park on Tuesday and Thursday nights from Tuesday 19th of January. Training starts at 5:45pm and finishes at 6:45pm.
Please note: Our summer athletics season will end during March 2021. The summer athletics season starts in late August to mid March each year.
City North Little Athletics Fees 2020/21
The fees for 2020/21 have been agreed upon by the committee and are the same as last years.

$195  each for first and second child ($175 for U6's)  

$175  each subsequent child ($155 U6's)

$80 for Arena & Field Setup Bonds, per family (for further details see FAQ)

The above fee does not apply for any new members joining in 2021 as our season finishes in March 2021.

Uniform prices are as follows :

$40 for Polo Shirts

$30 for Girls Bike Pants and Boys Shorts

$15 for Caps and Hats

The age group for 2020/21 of your child is determined using the PDF file that can be found here

Click here for our 2020/21 Come and Try Flyer

Our club is different to most Little Athletics centres as we pay for most of our coaches to be there. This service helps your child learn to be the best they can be.

We provide this training for your kids on Tuesday and Thursday nights during our athletics season.